Welcome to the Official Homepage of theĀ Illinois Transportation and Highway Engineering (T.H.E.) Conference. Each year, over one thousand transportation engineers, officials, technicians, faculty and students gather to discuss issues critical to the safe and economical movement of people and goods across Illinois, the U.S.A., and beyond.

The 110th T.H.E. conference is scheduled for February 27 & 28, 2024 at the I Hotel & Conference Center.

Jeff Roesler
T.H.E. Conference Director

Conference Planning Committee

Imad L. Al-Qadi, ICT & UIUC
Kyle Armstrong, IDOT
Brian Castro, d’Escoto, Inc.
Clare Dietz, IDOT
Mohamad Faraj, Illinois Tollway
Dan Gancarz, Illinois Tollway
Stan Hansen, Crawford, Murphy & Tilly
Brian Hecht, EXP
Alan Ho, FHWA
Bridget Malinowski, AECOM
Christopher McClure, IDOT
Kundayi B. Mugabe, Mott MacDonald
Jeffery R. Roesler, UIUC
Eric Seibring, IACE
Corey Smith, IAHE